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This traditional measurement profile offers customers the most versatility. Dress it up for serious business or dress it down for a casual but elegant after hour look.


Trim Classic

This measurement profile is cut slimmer overall and hangs closer to the body. It makes a more fashion forward statement, but remains appropriate for all occasions.


As you design your suit, you'll be able to see your choices here.

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Would You Like Help Choosing? Our Style Consultant has some fashion tips for you.
Fashion Specialist

Tips for Classic vs. Trim Classic

Body Type Tip: Larger Chest or Waist
  • Classic Cut is generally used for men with a larger chest or waist, or those who prefer a more relaxed fit. Remember, a “classic cut” doesn’t mean you can’t have a trim silhouette fit closer to the body, it’s generally a term used to describe a body type.
Body Type Tip: Slimmer Frame
  • Trim Classic is cut much slimmer and is most appropriate for slimmer guys who want to accentuate their frame. Keep in mind, a slim suit should be slim with clean lines, avoid suits that are too tight and create pulling when buttoned.
Trend Tip
  • The trend right now is definitely a slimmer, shorter suit but when it comes to fit, do not follow the trend. You want to make sure you are getting a suit that is proportioned to your body type. Nothing looks better than a suit that is tailored to your shape.